Cluster Q serves as Columbia Business School’s LGBTQ professional and social association. We are dedicated to developing and facilitating opportunities for current students to serve as proud and visible LGBTQ business leaders during their CBS tenure and to remain active, involved alumni upon graduation. We are also committed to educating and cultivating a strong Ally community, developing strong LGBTQ advocates in the CBS community and subsequently in the professional world. We achieve this by fostering a community of like-minded peers through professional, community and social programming.

Cluster Q Co-President Briana Saddler and Co-VP of Social Nic Tse welcome the class of 2020!

Cluster Q members and allies explain what allyship means to them as part of Fall Ally Week 2017!


Cluster Q proudly celebrated its annual Ally Week from Nov 14-18, 2016! Read more about the events covered below:


LGBT Weekly: